Online Event Health, Energy and YOU

Online Event "Health, Energy & YOU: HEY!" - 31st May

HEY, how are you doing?” – A great question that has so much in it! The most common and most given answer is: “Good, Thanks”. However, what does this question actually really mean to you? What is the first thing that comes to your mind that you would want to answer? Is it “I am doing well”, or are you at times tempted to answer the complete opposite?

In our FREE online webinar with Jacqueline van der Wijk we will be looking at the various answers that are given in general and what the letters “H, E, Y” could mean. Jacqui will also talk about the WHAT and the HOW they can influence and actually CHANGE your life and introduce you to her “HEY” model and explain her “Evolution loop“!

Jacqui will show some tools that will help you to get rid of discomforts in your body, like bad backs, stiff necks, headaches, fatigues, jogger’s knees, or swollen ankles, while you are at work or in your leisure time.

Jacqui’s motto is “A balanced body in a balanced mind”! When your body is most aligned and balanced all your pain, discomfort and blockages will disappear and you can THRIVE!

Do you want to know how you can be connected, be mobile, feel you are physically in your full potential to deliver on your goals and objectives?

Then come and join us in this FREE online event with Jacqueline van der Wijk. You can personally experience the positive effects by feeling especially energetic, positive and more balanced. We will start to move and have a fun experience together! We promise!!

Guest-Speaker Jacqueline van der Wijk, YuMeBalance

YuMe – this is a Japanese term which means “Dream”. To me it means making a dream come true and helping others making their dreams come true. “You and Me” together we are going to make a difference in your life. Through your change you will impact the lives of people around you and in turn they will affect the lives of those around them too which will have an impact as well and so on. It is like a snowball. 

Egoscue is a method that I have gotten to know through a number of seminars I have done around the world and have seen the benefits this method has in comparison to other methods. What this method has done for me is that – although I was not in chronic pain – I did want to be healthier, fitter, more productive and align my body so that I would be better in sport, my energy levels would go up and I could handle the daily “madness” even better. When your body is most aligned and balanced and it is not giving you signals of pain, discomfort or blockages, guess what happens to your head. It clears up and it gives you the space and freedom to concentrate on the other areas in your life that perhaps have not been receiving the attention you have been wanting to give them.

Jacqueline van der Wijk

Education & Qualification

  • Over 25 years experience in international corporations working in Customer Service, Facility Management and Project Management
  • Lived in 6 Different countries – Netherlands, United Kingdom, China, France, Switzerland and Germany.
  • Speak 4 Languages, Dutch, English, French and German
  • Certified Postural Alignment Specialist – Egoscue Method
  • Studying to become a Nutrition coach- Metabolic Balance.

My Mission

“A balanced body brings clarity and balance in your head and allows you to create something new. So…. When I trust lifes loving energy and act upon it, something new is created every time!”


Date: 31st May 2022
Time: 7pm CEST
Duration: approx. 1 hour
Participation fee: free
Language: English
Special Guest: Jacqueline van der Wijk


Registration for the Event

Please register till 30th May. This is a FREE event.

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Note: The session will be delivered via Zoom and will be recorded, please read our Privacy Policy for further information.

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