Online Event Taking Control of Your Life

Online Event - Taking Control of Your Life - 27th April

We use digital media every day, from texting, streaming movies, music, and gaming to using voice assistants or ordering our food online.

Global lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic have offered many people first-hand experience of how their daily online activities threaten their digital well-being. Many people have spent their waking hours using social media tools to get news updates, communicate, and socialize online. ‘Doom scrolling’, ‘Zoom fatigue’, and what has become known as ‘digistraction’ are now everyday terms for many under extended lockdowns. Many activities in our life (teaching, working, socializing, etc.) are likely to adopt hybrid online-offline models after the pandemic has passed, so it´s good to pause for a moment and reflect on your own personal and professional situations.

This free online webinar aims to explain why digital well-being needs to be reimagined thru coaching within a new conceptual paradigm. Ana will show you an alternative approach that will help you improve your digital well-being.

This free workshop also introduces you to understand …

  • what impact does the economy of attention/distraction have on you, and your teams
  • how digital activities influence your personal wellbeing
  • how could you change your behavior and impact your digital habits
  • how you could create more time and create a value-driven personal and professional life
  • how you can best prepare for the “new normal” in your personal and professional life.

Register here for the online webinar with Ana! Your participation is completly free!

Guest-Speaker Ana Smith

Ana is a highly sought-after talent strategist and executive coach noted for her passion for what she does for her clients and for her energetic, inclusive, and interactive style.

She is the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) of Brightflare Performance Solutions, and throughout her global career, she has been extremely curious about the impact and relationship between humans and technology and how it can be humanized. She’s been part of executive teams in organizations such as Microsoft, GE, HP, and American Express, and she has developed deep expertise in the people business, helping organizations with their digital transformations and major organizational changes.

Ana wants to serve people and organizations as a coach who promotes all-around wellbeing, by encouraging innovation and forward-thinking to inspire leaders, managers, and employees to be “at their best” and be energized to make the necessary behavioral changes, finding fulfillment and personal meaning.

She has worked for Fortune 50 organizations and possesses a vast multilingual and bicultural background, including experiences implementing global initiatives in People Operations, Sales, Finance, and Marketing – originating in the US, Mexico, Asia, South America, Europe, and Canada.

Ana Smith

Education & Qualification

  • Executive Coaching, University of Texas at Dallas
  • Digital Wellbeing Coaching Certification, Consciously Digital
  • Conversational Intelligence Coaching Certification, The CreatingWE Institute
  • Positive Psychology Certification, University of Pennsylvania
  • Master’s in organizational Effectiveness, University of Texas at Dallas
  • BA in Industrial Psychology, Universidad Anahuac


Date: 27th April 2022
Time: 7pm CEST/12pm CDT
Duration: approx. 1 hour
Participation fee: free
Language: English
Special Guest: Ana Smith


Registration for the Event

Please register till 26th April. This is a FREE event.

Important: In order to complete your registration, you need to verify your e-mail adress. Please check also your spam folder in case you don´t see the confirmation e-mail.

Note: The session will be delivered via Zoom and will be recorded, please read our Privacy Policy for further information.

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